Sugar Freedom Method TM

Discover A Simple 5-Step Method For Taking Back Control Of Your Wine + Sugar Cravings And Have Flat Abs Without Depriving Yourself Of Things You Love (Like Having a Drink Or A Square Of Dark Chocolate)

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Are you on the verge of giving up because NOTHING you have ever tried or bought has worked long term?

You see results for a few weeks even months but then you end up back on the wine or eating the sugar uncontrollably and you’re left wondering what’s wrong with me??

I’m here to tell you it’s not actually your fault. Yeah you heard me right.

What’s been missing isn’t being more disciplined or following “their plan to the T”. It’s also NOT genetics or luck.

In the 17 years I’ve been coaching women to kick and manage their sugar addiction, the difference has come down to women being shown their “blind spots”- the things they didn’t know.!

I teach the “missing links” that will have you back in control in as little as 7 days with weight starting to melt off. That’s because my approach is individualized and targets inflammation in your body and your mind!

If you aren’t quite ready to book a Sugar Freedom Strategy Call TM with me and my team, that’s ok, I get it. I mean, we just met :-D However, you will want to read on because it’s incredible what can change in just 90 days when you’re a perfect fit for what I teach!

Whether you feel like you’re doing everything right yet the weight won’t budge and the cravings won’t subside OR you know you’ve got a problem and you just haven’t been able to solve it, you’re in the right place!

The fact that you have found me, tells me you are not a quitter and that you will stop at nothing till this is solved. I love that about you. Please know you are SO close to the real (and permanent) change you want and deserve!

When I say I know exactly what you’re feeling it’s because I was a raging sugar addict since I was a kid and well into my late 20s.

I would eat just about anything that had sugar in it and don’t get me started on alcohol. I always said just one glass of wine or just one cocktail but that never worked!

As a wife, mom of 3 and woman approaching 50 years old I not only have control of my sugar and wine intake but have taught thousands of women over the past 17 years on how to kick AND manage their cravings so they too can enjoy the peace of mind and healthy body that we all want and deserve!

We can talk more about this in a minute…

Before I do that, I want to let you know why you’re in the right place at the right time, to begin your journey to kick and manage your sugar addiction and why this is like NOTHING you have ever done before …

(And yes, I’ve pitched Oprah on this Method I’m going to be sharing with you because I decided it just shouldn’t be the best kept secret anymore! All I need now is for her call to call me back :-D)


First, I’m going to teach you the exact steps to use to control your sugar addiction. And trust me I know how busy you are so this isn’t some complex plan that you’re spending hours a day on, or carrying around those weird baggies of food or even worse (gulp), counting calories, weighing food or having to eat at a certain time of day within a certain window of time. I will spare you any more of that nonsense!


Second, you’re already here! You’ve clearly made a decision that you’re done with falling for bogus programs with false promises.

I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that you’re 100% committed to putting your time into seeing what your truly capable of achieving when you look and feelyour best.

Women who are a perfect match for the Sugar Freedom Method TM have blessed livesbut this one area of their life just won’t come together no matter what they do!


Third, you’re in a unique place, might I add a kind of unusual place, with someone who genuinely cares about your personal success and growth and believes in what is possible for you.

I want you to be able to kick and control your cravings long term so that when I’m long gone in your life this will be the last time you ever need to lean on someone to show you what to do.

I know you love your independence and failing just isn’t an option for you. Well, let me reassure you that if you’ve been resonating with what I’m saying you ARE in the right place!


And lastly, I love that you can smell B.S. a mile away. Me too! You also believe that you have more to offer life than how you’re currently living and that life is too short to keep settling. I love that about you.

Maybe you’ve been wondering how amazing it would be to kick your sugar cravings, get that stubborn weight to finally come off and back take control of your health and life once and for all.

I mean what would you do with all your free time? Once you learn how to stabilize blood sugar, deal with the emotions in a more constructive way, heal your gut and figure out a diet that works for YOU, not your girlfriend…well, then you’re on the road to the real health, sustained energy and the body you want!

And maybe your next thought is…

“Sounds Great Jenn (Or Maybe Even Too Good To Be True… 
I Get That A Lot), But How Do I Get There??

And perhaps your immediate NEXT thought is…

“I’m Terrified. What If This Is Just Another Complex, Scammy Program Where I Don’t Get What They Say? I JustCan’t Do This Anymore!”

It’s an unfortunate truth. There are tons of people out there making claims they can’t back up and for sure creating programs that aren’t doable for a busy woman and for sure can’t be followed long term because it’s another cookie cutter idea where “one size fits all!”.

If a program doesn’t take into account your mood swings :-D, stress levels, the particular way you like to eat and live… you know the out-of-the-box, kinda black sheep way you go through life, you can’t expect it to be the answer to your prayers.

It simply can’t be followed and for sure will fall by the waist side the minute you get busy or you get annoyed with yourself…which is almost every day. Yes?

What if you could feel good more often than not, have sustained energy and a body you feel excited to look at in the mirror? And what if you could have an amazingly fun time doing it?

When I say this is 100% doable, I mean that with every ounce of my body, mind and spirit! (Not to mention I’ve been around 17+ years doing this work so if you don’t trust me…after all I grew up in Brooklyn, NY so trust doesn’t exactly come natural to me either… you can google my work and perfect track record of helping women succeed in all areas of their life. I always say action speaks louder than words.

Let me ask you something of extreme importance…

Do you want to keep wasting your time figuring this out all by yourself?

I mean the women who come see us and join the Sugar Freedom Method TM know how short life is, value their time as much as their money and are ready to get what they want NOW. Is that you too?

And in all transparency if you’re feeling like it’s “too late”, you’ve had cravings for most of your life… let me reassure you it’s never too late. But you do have to want it badly enough that you’re willing to stretch outside your comfort zone to do something about it!

I wasn’t able to kick my sugar addiction right away, it took me thousands of hours, tens of thousands of dollars paying all sorts of health experts, personal trainers, doctors and for sure more tears and frustration than I could ever share with you here.

Honestly what made it all worth it and what makes me smile when I lay down to sleep at night has been teaching other amazing, sassy, successful, genuine, kind hearted, highly sensitive women to successfully control their cravings too and help them get their peace of mind, health and bodies back!!

If you’ve stayed this long, I’m thinking you’re clearly in the right place which leads me to believe that the next step for you to see results is to reach out and see if what I teach and how I teach it is right for you too!

I thank God every day for helping me work through a lousy childhood ridden with a family of addiction and mental illness. As a highly sensitive woman living in a highly insensitive world if you can relate, I get you and I got you!

Are Your Ready To Stay Good Bye To Taking One Step Forward 
And Three Steps Back?

I’m going to teach you how to use my unique, tailored approach to kicking sugar for good and for sure how to get back in control when the stress is high and all you want to do is drink wine or eat cookies and chips! You’re about to turn your life, health and waistline around in a way you never knew possible in the least amount of time possible.
My ultimate goal is for you to learn exactly what I did but in a fraction of the time, in the simplest way possible. In as little as 90 days you WILL see results, even though you feel like you’ve failed a million times no matter how much effort you put in!

If you’re still feeling a little uncertain about this being possible for you, I totally get it. That’s more than normal.

Here’s the thing, I won’t know if you’re a good fit to see results until we hop on a Sugar Freedom Strategy Call and do some digging around which is why the Sugar Freedom Method is by application only!

This is NOT another cookie cutter program where you follow A, B and C and someone does all the thinking for you and you cross your fingers and hope that your body responds.

There is a reason I have a 100% success rate for the right woman. It’s because my interview process weeds out those women who aren’t fully committed to seeing results, who are also still shopping around for the best deal and who don’t feel an urgency that there’s more to life than intermittent fasting, counting calories, spending hours at the gym and all that other non-sense the diet industry has told us is the right way to eat and live to look our best.

If your skeptical brain is telling you this is too good to be true, I know exactly how you feel. It’s normal to wonder if you have what it takes to not fail again and how could someone you haven’t even met yet know this much about you!

Well, I happen to be really skilled at what I do (I better be, my reputation is on the line) and I also believe having confidence in oneself and a rock-solid mindset is a HUGE factor to 

And I’m also all about long term results and for the work to integrate so it becomes just who you are. This is why we work to neurologically reprogram old habits starting week 1!

Are You Ready To Hop On A Call And See If The Sugar Freedom Method TM Is The Right Fit For You?

On the call you’ll be introduced to the Sugar Freedom Method TM and exactly how we tailor it to YOU so you can take back your life so you’re no longer thinking about what the scale will do after a night out!

You will also be introduced to what other areas of your life affect your health and cravings that frankly no one else is talking about… your career, finances, relationships, family, mental health, guilt and for sure your tendency to over give which is affecting your health big time! 

Finding out the “secret sauce” that’s been missing from every diet and self-help program will allow you to rise above your addictive tendencies and keep you in control of how you look and feel for life. Promise.

Simply put, the Sugar Freedom Method TM is the fastest, most effective way I’ve ever seen for a woman to be free from cravings, think clearly (see ya later brain fog) and take back her life.

I mean let’s be serious, if we’re always worried about the scale, if our pants will fit after a night out, how many hours we need to hit the gym this week and how many calories we are allowed to eat this week…are we REALLY living??

While other teachers and courses will help you with some of the core ways to approach your cravings that’s simply not enough to help you understand what’s going on behind the scenes when cravings hit.

And honestly if you’re not working with someone who’s a recovering addict themselves, they simply have no idea how it feels when hormones are off and the wine calls you from the cabinet and the ice cream calls you from the freezer!

There is just no saying no long term when you’re addicted to what you’re eating and drinking. And who likes to say no anyway! The Sugar Freedom Method TM teaches you how to not have cravings anymore versus just taking things away. That’s SO boring!

In all honesty what many people do is throw you into cheap programs with a million women in them with no dedicated 1-1 time with the teacher, tons of stuff to read and videos to watch and that never really accomplishes much of anything!

They also don’t focus on long term results where the work integrates so you never need to work with them again! Say it with me “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh”.

The whole point of the Sugar Freedom Method TM is for you to walk away in 90 days and know exactly what to eat, how to bring down inflammation in the body as well as learn how to handle your stress and emotions in new healthier ways. You will never have to rely on someone other than yourself again.

Rather just a small, temporary win that has you feel good for a week or two while you’re on their “product” you get permanent, sustainable results in your body and mind.

Women report the scale starts to move again and their whole body reshapes while their stomach flattens. They also lose inches that don’t return when they “go off plan” for a weekend. I know you know what I’m talking about!

The Sugar Freedom Method TM not only focuses on short term quick results (because I know you need that) but we also weave long term results into your life while making small tweaks to how you do things now.

Let’s jump in!

Let’s talk about exactly who this is for…

  • If you are ready to figure out THE way to kick sugar’s crippling hold on your life and health for good…
  • ​With a Method that you’ll use for the rest of your life and that won’t ever stop working because it focuses on your ever-changing hormones, mood and stress levels.
  • ​In a way that allows you to go at your own pace working around your busy schedule, but still see incredibly quick results, changing your health and waistline forever…
  • ​And you want to be able to live your life on your terms and not be a slave to fad diets, pills, shakes or those 21-day gym challenges that don’t ever work…
  • You’re in exactly the right place!

But let me also say this…

If you’re looking for an overnight fix that solely focuses on weight loss, this isn’t for you.

Yes, you can get started right away and use the Sugar Freedom Method TM , but you have to be willing to take action, ask for support and apply what I’ll show you to ultimately take back control of sugar in your life. You have to be ok with being uncomfortable.

If it’s too much trouble and you can’t be bothered putting any effort in, this isn’t for you either.

It truly matters to me that you succeed. And I do whatever it takes to get you there in the 90 days we work together, not only because I care about my reputation but because you literally can’t afford to fail anymore.

There isn’t enough money in the world to pay for the therapy needed if you fail again. I get that and take my work very seriously. I also genuinely want to help you get rid of your life crippling addiction.

But I’m also very honest, I don’t have time for women who make excuses for time and money when deep down the real reason is fear of failure. What we want happens right outside our comfort zone and you must know that if we’re going to hop on a call together.

If you think that I will do everything for you, then you may want to reconsider reaching out to us. You must be willing to learn the Method and put in the effort to reap the rewards.

I know so many women come see us who are used to being told exactly what to eat, how much to eat, how much to exercise and to memorize a few affirmations and they’re all set.

This couldn’t be any further from the truth. The Sugar Freedom Method TM teaches you how to think for YOURSELF using the 5 steps to help heal your body, give you an iron clad mindset and set you free for life.

I truly hope this is clear because it’s important to set ground rules from the beginning. I don’t want to waste either of our time.

Now that we’ve established that, let’s get to why you’re here…

If you’re looking to completely take control of your cravings and your health and not only have radiant energy, focus and drive but direct it towards other things that mean the MOST to you such as your family, career and relationships then this is going to be incredibly eye-opening conversation for you.