Presented by Jenn Edden, Founder of the Sugar Freedom Method™️
The Sugar Freedom Method Masterclass
 How Female Entrepreneurs + Executives Quickly Take Control 
Of Their Diet To Get On The Road To Flat Abs
 And Vibrant Energy NOW!

...Without Depriving Themselves Of What They Love

(Like A Glass Of Wine Or A Square Of Dark Chocolate )
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In This 35 Minute Masterclass you will Learn: 
  •   #1 mistake female entrepreneurs + executives make when trying to "cut back" on drinking wine at night
  • Why the weight never seems to come off and stay off even after dieting for a few weeks
  •  How to eliminate cravings for wine and sweets at night 
  •  How to wake up feeling vibrant so you're laser focused all day (without relying on 2-3 cups of coffee)
  • The 5 Step Method my clients use to get a tone body and vibrant energy without being gym or scale obsessed
  • And more...
About your host
Jenn Edden is a well-known sugar addiction expert, founder of the Sugar Freedom Method TM, author of Woman Unleashed and regular contributing health expert on Channel 12 News Long Island.

Jenn’s zone of genius is teaching women how to get rid of cravings, stop dieting, have vibrant energy and take back their willpower. Her expertise is in simplifying the dietary confusion out there and delivering results in women's bodies and lives that last!

Jenn gathered her wisdom from healing herself of gastritis in her 20’s and the 15+ years of teaching women all around the globe to how to kick their sugar addiction.

Isn't it Time To Take Back Control?

... And It's not about 
how smart You Are

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